The University of Chicago

JOIN US SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 and immerse yourself in a day of intellectual inspiration and artistic expression celebrating the 32nd annual Humanities Day at the  University of Chicago.
Martha Feldman, the Mabel Greene Myers Professor in the Humanities and the Chair of the Department of Music, will present the keynote address entitled “Castrato De Luxe: Blood, Gifts, and Goods in the Making of Early Modern Singing Stars.” Feldman investigates the complex role of casatrati in early modern Europe - men whose talent earned them wealth and status, but whose sacrifice in many ways alienated them from a patriarchal society.
This lecture is just of one of dozens of scholarly offerings available throughout the day. The faculty of the Division of the Humanities at the University of Chicago is world renowned for researching and teaching literature, language, religion, philosophy, history, music, and art. On Humanities Day, we open our classrooms to the public. Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to engage with some of the foremost humanist scholars with their most current research. All events are free.